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Getting your home ready for a new season can be a time-consuming job. Let our professional maids at Regal Maid Service get the job done for you. We’re experienced, trained, and preferred by savvy homeowners nationwide. Contact us today to receive a free quote for our services.

Spring Cleaning from Regal Maid Service

As the sunshine comes out, it’s natural to want to get your place looking its best for the new time of year. It can be a big job, but it’s a great feeling to start the season off right with a clean house and property.

Some chores that can really make a difference in your spring cleaning include:

Vacuuming / shampooing carpets and rugs
Dusting / cobwebbing shelves, knickknacks, books, ceiling fans, window casings, and more
Cleaning the cushions of sofas and upholstered furniture
Clean the windows
Apply floor-type specific floor cleaning
Wiping walls / wiping ceilings
Wash screens
Cleaning grout
Cleaning oven and other kitchen appliances
Cleaning gutters
Rotating bedroom mattresses
Checking and replacing your air conditioner filter

Regal Maid Service has a reputation as the best professional maid service in the business. Our team here at Regal Maid Service is proud of our reputation for providing thorough spring cleaning services for homeowners. If you have questions about what we do, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll let you know more about what a spring cleaning from our team entails.

Fall Cleaning from Our Housekeeping Team

Fall is a messy time of year! It’s also a busy time. As you prepare for the holidays and the change in weather, contact Regal Maid Service. We’ll treat your home like royalty.

A thorough fall cleaning may include:

Window washing
Gutter cleaning
Cleaning window treatments including shades, blinds, and curtains
Vacuuming and cleaning cushions on sofas and upholstered furniture
Thoroughly dusting / cobwebbing everything from shelves to books to ceiling fans to window casings
Wiping down kitchen cupboards
Cleaning the floor
Cleaning and shampooing curtains
Testing / installing smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors
Dusting the refrigerator condenser coil
Reorganizing closets
Cleaning out the attic
Cleaning kitchen appliances including stovetop, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, sink, oven, and coffeemaker
Cleaning the chimney
Checking and replacing your furnace filter
Disinfecting doorknobs, handles, light switches, kids’ toys, and so on
Rotating bedroom mattresses
Reorganizing your kitchen cabinets

Our team here at Regal Maid Service can handle many of these chores for you. Our maids are professionally trained, and our company is licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. Start the season off right by using Regal Maid Service.

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Our friendly staff can help you schedule an appointment for your next spring or fall cleaning when you contact us. With a reputation for professionalism, there’s no need to worry about our team: You can have full peace of mind when you contact Regal Maid Service. We offer a fully customizable cleaning service, and provide free in-home price estimates so we can tailor our seasonal house cleaning to your needs.

We’re simply the best cleaning service available, and your home deserves the best.

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