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If there’s one thing we are even more passionate about than cleaning here at Regal Maid Service, it’s giving back to our communities! That’s why we are so thrilled and proud to team up with the people at Cleaning for a Reason. Let us tell you more about how choosing Regal Maid Service means you’re also helping to give back to those in need.

What Is Cleaning for a Reason?

Cleaning for a Reason is a not-for-profit organization that serves North America by providing women who are facing cancer treatments with free housekeeping services. Cleaning for a Reason focuses on patients’ homes so they can focus on their health. The organization strives to meet the practical needs of these courageous cancer warriors, taking routine chores off their plates and ensuring that they have a comfortable and clean space to enjoy between treatments without the stress, hassle, or difficulty of cleaning.

Here’s a few statistics to consider:

Cleaning for a Reason has served more than 20,500 women with cancer by cleaning their homes free of charge.
Cleaning for a Reason has recruited more than 1,200 maid services to partner in their mission of providing free cleaning services for cancer patients.
Cleaning for a Reason has donated time and services worth more than $5,600,000.00.

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Here at Regal Maid Service, we’re passionate about cleaning and our communities. We’ve found the perfect avenue for both in our partnership with Cleaning for a Reason! We are strong believers in the importance of what Cleaning for a Reason offers women who are going through difficult seasons of life. As a professional housekeeping service, we certainly value a clean and organized home! In fact, we believe that a harmonious living space is good for our emotional and mental health and well-being. We’re so pleased to have the honor to partner with Cleaning for a Reason in serving our communities!

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