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How is my territory defined?

By zip code. This ensures that your exclusive rights to operate in a particular location are protected.

How long is the franchise agreement?

Ten years. You are free to sell it at any time and we will even help to find a buyer.

Do I have to buy my supplies through the franchise?

No, but we specify the types of products. We provide a list of our suppliers for your reference, but we never take a commission and you are free to purchase authorized supplies from any supplier.

Should I clean houses or focus on operating the business?

We recommend that you focus on managing your business rather than cleaning houses.

What kind of support can I expect?

After the initial training period, we are always there to help. While we reserve the right to charge for support after the first six months, we have never exercised that right with any of our franchisees. Most problems are solved with a simple telephone call and we are happy to provide that service for free.

What can I expect in the startup process?

Complete Initial Franchise Application and authorize a background check

Review the FDD and acknowledge receipt, 14-day review

Have a phone meeting with the Franchise Owner

Proceed to Franchisee Validation:

Attend Discovery Day in Sterling, VA (30 min. from Washington, DC)

Execute Franchise Agreement

Begin Online Training

Plan for your Grand Opening!

What do I need to know when preparing to open for business?

It typically takes 60-90 days to begin operations. Leading up to operations, you’ll receive online and in-person training, obtain office space and vehicles, complete licensing, insurance and paperwork. One month before operations you will focus on marketing the new business and recruiting staff.

So, the only question is, are you the perfect franchisee candidate?

We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic and driven to be a successful entrepreneur. You must pay attention to detail and quality and commit to upholding our standard of clean. You should have great communication skills to manage staff and provide exceptional customer service. It is necessary that you possess the investment funds, time and energy to launch a successful franchise. And most importantly, you should come to the table with a collaborative approach to successfully operate within a franchise system.

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