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100% Best Quality BadgeHusband and wife team Tim and Joanne Hollindrake are the proud owners of Regal Maid Service. Together in 2007, they started out by operating a franchise location in Virginia. They were so successful, that in 2015 they acquired the entire 26 year-old franchise, and now they’re focusing on helping new franchise operators fulfill their own entrepreneurial dreams. Their goal is to expand Regal Maid Service throughout the United States and to make the brand a household name.

Here is what satisfied franchisees have to say about the impact and benefits of owning a Regal Maid Service franchise.

Regal Maid Service franchise meeting

“The best thing about owning a Regal Maid Service franchise is having your own freedom with the business to do as you wish. It’s your business, you can run it how you want.”

“After looking at many different franchises, I decided that Regal Maid Service was best because the franchise fee was much less than others.

What you get for what you pay is phenomenal!”

“To anyone thinking of buying a Regal Maid Service franchise, I would 100% say to you, yes definitely do it. The help and support, and contact with the other locations is great.”

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