“I don’t know which team of angels you sent to my home yesterday, but I cannot thank you enough!I had just arrived home from a week away, and I was concerned that the cleaning ladies would have a dirtier-than-usual job to do because my family didn’t keep up with things the way I do when I’m home. Then when I came home last night, I found my home not only clean but transformed! I know they went above and beyond the services you normally provide. They neatened up things everywhere and made my youngest daughter’s room into perfect and neat order. We all are in awe of the completeness of their work and thoughtfulness of their touch in every room. I know I can’t expect this with every cleaning, as I am sure it took them much more time than usual to add these special, loving touches. PLEASE pass along to them my heartfelt thanks. With my oldest daughter’s wedding in less than a month, and my youngest daughter’s looming engagement, and all the normal “stuff” of life, the timing of this blessing could not have been better. Thank you so very much.”